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The harvest starts at the end of August and finishes in mid-October. We pay close attention
and great care to determine the best harvest time in terms of the phenolic, aromatic
and the enological maturity of the grapes. These are important aspects that result
in optimal content of sugars and aromatic compounds in the grapes, and also into
a qualitative and quantitative evolution of the polyphenols in the grape skin.
We take only the best grapes, by hand, and we celebrate that as a moment
when the creation of our wines starts again.


In order to ensure the optimal maturity of the grapes that arrive in the winery for further processing,
the harvest operations, fully done by hand, are performed in different periods for each variety.
The harvest starts in the early morning hours, with the white varieties which ripen first
and for which the acid content and the retention of the specific aroma are very important.
For some of the red varieties, apart from the crop reduction in the veraison phase, we also apply
cutting of the part of the shoot in the phase of ripening, which leads to a partial dehydration
of the grapes and to a natural concentration of higher sugar content.
These types of ampelotechnical methods enable obtaining phenolically ripe wines with intense ruby
red color, high levels of extracts and ageing potential, both in barrels and in bottles.